BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masternhrp: parse and log command response errors from strongSwanTimo Teräs4 days
stable/1.0release: Bump version to 1.0.20161017Paul Jakma6 months
volatile/next*: BSD make doesn't expand $< in explicit rulesPaul Jakma12 days
volatile/patch-tracking/8/proposed/ff-2016100401bgpd: Fix NHT race with Connect leading to test tool issuesPaul Jakma7 months
volatile/patch-tracking/8/proposed/ff-2016100701bgp: ignore NHT when bgpd has never connected zebraLou Berger7 months
volatile/patch-tracking/8/proposed/nits/atests: Update aspath_test.c to exercise remove-private-asPaul Jakma10 months
volatile/patch-tracking/8/proposed/nits/blib, ospfd, ospf6d: ospfv3-stub-area-support.patchDinesh Dutt10 months
volatile/patch-tracking/8/proposed/pushback/azebra: perfect cmd table林守磊10 months
volatile/patch-tracking/8/proposed/pushback/bospfd: Fix shutdown scenarioVipin Kumar10 months
volatile/tteras/nhrp-fixesnhrp: parse and log command response errors from strongSwanTimo Teräs4 days
quagga-1.2.1quagga-1.2.1.tar.gz  Paul Jakma7 weeks
quagga-1.2.0quagga-1.2.0.tar.gz  Paul Jakma3 months
quagga-1.1.1quagga-1.1.1.tar.gz  Paul Jakma3 months
quagga-1.1.0quagga-1.1.0.tar.gz  Paul Jakma6 months
quagga-1.0.20161017quagga-1.0.20161017.tar.gz  Paul Jakma6 months
quagga-1.0.20160315quagga-1.0.20160315.tar.gz  Donald Sharp13 months
quagga-1.0.20160309quagga-1.0.20160309.tar.gz  Donald Sharp14 months
quagga-  David Lamparter2 years
quagga-0.99.24quagga-0.99.24.tar.gz  David Lamparter2 years
quagga-0.99.24-rc1quagga-0.99.24-rc1.tar.gz  David Lamparter2 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
4 daysnhrp: parse and log command response errors from strongSwanHEADvolatile/tteras/nhrp-fixesmasterTimo Teräs1-1/+21
4 daysnhrp: fix potential crash when vici profile name is not configuredTimo Teräs1-0/+2
4 daysnhrp: notify 'tunnel protection' changesTimo Teräs1-0/+2
4 daysnhrp: explicitly cast ints to size_t for vici_request_vc va_list handlingTimo Teräs1-3/+3
4 daysnhrp: fix protocol address family parsing on receiveTimo Teräs1-9/+19
4 daysnhrp: implement 'no ip nhrp map' commandTimo Teräs1-0/+27
2017-03-25nhrpd: implement 'show ip nhrp nhs'Timo Teräs3-43/+86
2017-03-10release: Quagga 1.2.1quagga-1.2.1Paul Jakma1-1/+1
2017-03-09buildbot: build documentation, add nightly upload of master docs, other tweaksPaul Jakma1-11/+172
2017-03-09doc: Nearly all the world uses A4 paper, set as default for TeX outputPaul Jakma1-0/+3