BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
bgpd/pgbgp[bgp/pgbgp] Add some pgbgp commands to restricted-mode and other command tweaksPaul Jakma6 years
debug.zreallocAssert that freed memory is non-NULL.Greg Troxel4 years
euro_ix_bVersion number update: Quagga, 0.99.20ex26bChris Hall12 months
masterzebra: Change the mechanism for comparing route ID's.Ken Williams3 days
pimd-mergezebra: fix SAFI zserv compatibility breakageDavid Lamparter2 years
stable/0.99.20ospfd: CVE-2013-2236, stack overrun in apiserverDavid Lamparter5 months
stable/0.99.21ospfd: CVE-2013-2236, stack overrun in apiserverDavid Lamparter5 months
stable/0.99.22release: Lamparter8 months
volatile/RE/ipv6_nd_raBRANCH ORIGIN MARKER, REMOVE BEFORE MERGEDavid Lamparter19 months
volatile/RE/rip_rfc4822BRANCH ORIGIN MARKER, REMOVE BEFORE MERGEDavid Lamparter17 months
quagga-  David Lamparter8 months
quagga-  David Lamparter9 months
quagga-  David Lamparter12 months
quagga-0.99.22quagga-0.99.22.tar.gz  David Lamparter14 months
quagga-0.99.22-rc1quagga-0.99.22-rc1.tar.gz  David Lamparter15 months
ex25bex25b.tar.gz  Chris Hall23 months
ex24bex24b.tar.gz  Chris Hall24 months
quagga_0_99_21_releasequagga_0_99_21_release.tar.gz  David Lamparter24 months
ex23bex23b.tar.gz  Chris Hall2 years
ex22bex22b.tar.gz  Chris Hall2 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
3 dayszebra: Change the mechanism for comparing route ID's.HEADmasterKen Williams1-3/+1
3 dayslib: use heap to manage timersChristian Franke4-53/+110
3 dayslib: remove unused thread_master_debug functionChristian Franke1-29/+0
3 daystests: Add tests for timersChristian Franke6-1/+313
2014-04-01ospfd/ospf_vty.c: use keyword cmd styleChristian Franke3-874/+184
2014-04-01lib/command.c: rewrite command matching/parsingChristian Franke17-787/+1494
2014-04-01tests: fix build & disable testcommandsDavid Lamparter3-2/+11
2014-04-01tests: add a test program for lib/command.cChristian Franke9-1/+1613
2014-04-01bgpd, ospfd, zebra: fix some DEFUN definitionsChristian Franke5-37/+39
2014-04-01zebra: apply syntactic sugar to rib_dump()David Lamparter4-9/+32